The Resilient Performer

In this course we will teach a set of highly effective, practical techniques that will help strengthen individuals to become more resilient, improve energy levels, build capacity, improve decision-making, creativity and overall performance, whilst at the same time reducing the impact of stress.

Resilience is multidimensional. In this course we cover all aspects of resilience from Physical and Emotional to Mental and Spiritual.

The first session looks at how we can build and sustain our physical capacity to perform at a high level by maximising energy throughout the day. We then explore emotional capacity and discover how we can train ourselves to expand and manage emotional energy and get in an optimal performance state. We then go on to look at how to build self-belief and strengthen mental resilience with simple tools to focus attention and manage perspective. The final session explores spiritual resilience, our commitment to personal values and our tolerance of others beliefs.

  • Enhance energy and vitality
  • Increase performance
  • Improve emotional clarity
  • Prevent stress
  • Perform under pressure

These tools are simple and easy to use, they can be implemented by delegates in real-time to improve and sustain peak performance and help manage the affects of high pressure, particularly during periods of change.

This course is designed to help develop high performing individuals who are more resilient, more productive and effective under pressure. It is delivered by Beyond the Barriers team of experts including former Olympic athletes and experienced business performance coaches.


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