How to beat the mid-afternoon slump

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Rather than reaching for sugar packed snacks when you are struggling for energy instead beat the mid-afternoon slump with good fats and a walk

2) If that still isn’t enough and you need some caffeine then turn to tea rather than coffee, as this will disrupt your sleep less


It was great to see in the Telegraph’s health supplement the advice that you should avoid carbs for snacks at work when you are feeling low on energy. The dangers of sugar, particularly as regards performance, appears to be going mainstream at last.


When you are feeling in need of a pick me up causing your blood sugar and insulin to spike is the worse thing you can do, it will just cause a crash and brain fog. Instead look to phase carbs out of your working day and have snacks such as nuts, hardboiled eggs and cured meats like Biltong. By fueling your working day with healthy fats you will find greater focus and motivation. Also getting up for a walk, thereby stimulating greater blood flow and encouraging you to breathe more effectively, can produce a remarkable increase in energy.Finally if you feel the need for caffeine in the middle of the afternoon, rather than risk coffee interfering with your circadian rhythms green tea may be a better option, as it appears to interfere less with sleep patterns whilst producing similar levels of alertness [1]. So when you have that mid afternoon slump rather than reaching for sugary snacks grab some nuts, go for a walk, and if you are still struggling then brew yourself a cup of tea.


I’ve got a couple of more extensive posts in the pipeline on some really interesting work on pre and probiotics, the former in particular has really become a hot topic in the biohacking community this year so I’m hoping I will be able to get abreast of the research soon and produce some firm advice on how to go about optimising your internal environment, which is increasingly looking to be one of the most important frontiers of development for performance optimisation, so stay tuned.



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