Fat vs Sugar: 1

After watching the Horizon episode on Fat vs Sugar on Wednesday I’ve put the posts I had planned on the back burner to write a series of responses to issues brought up by the investigation. Whilst I may disagree with some of the details and specifics of the study conducted I do very much agree with the broad conclusions that the programme reached.

An area where I very clearly do agree with the conclusions from Fat vs Sugar is that trans fats are bad for you and it is the combination of sugar and fat which causes unhealthy eating habits. In short avoid processed food. It is processed food which contains trans fats and it is processed foods which mix fats and simple carbs in very high quantities.

To live a healthy life we need to go back to basic with our diet; if we are always looking to buy food in its most basic and natural form we take back control over what we eat. Whilst paleo has developed a bad name for itself with a rather dogmatic approach to many things I do think by focussing people’s minds upon the need to reconnect with the food we eat it has done a lot of good.

Virtually no naturally occurring foodstuff contains a combination of both fat and carbs. An easy way to make a big change to your diet is to make a rule to buy no food which has any significant quantities of both carbs and fat, so that at least if you are going to combine the two you have to make a conscious decision as part of the cooking process. This will both have a massive impact on your health and allow you to reconnect with food.

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