For those individuals who want to undertake a complete assessment and continual monitoring of their health, lifestyle and fitness, we offer comprehensive assessments and programmmes at our facilities in London and Manchester.

Service includes the following:

Pre-Assessment Questionnaire to obtain a complete personal/family medical history

  • Dietary analysis
  • Medications
  • Exercise/ Activity profile
  • Stress profile


Resting Measurements:

  • Fasting blood cholesterol and glucose assessment
  • Body composition assessment
  • Resting blood pressure assessment
  • Respiratory function assessment
  • Resting electrocardiogram

Exercise stress test/Fitness test

  • 12 Lead electrocardiogram monitoring
  • Gas exchange monitoring

Following your stress/fitness test lunch will be provided

Motivational coaching

  • De-briefing by a Healthcare Advisor and Physician
  • Goal setting and drafting of an action plan
  • Feedback from the dietary analysis

Comprehensive personal report and exercise guidance

Assignment of a Personal Healthcare Advisor

Monthly tracking

  • Regular Newsletters
  • Booking of 6 and 12 monthly repeat assessment/evaluation

Medical referral where necessary

The above assessments are brought to you in conjunction with Wellness International, a leading company in health, wellbeing and preventative medicine. Dr Dorian Dugmore is the president and founder of Wellness International which has received many accolades including European Awards for ‘best practice’.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can provide a tailored screening programme for you and your employees contact us.