Workshops and Seminars

Our unique approach combines learning and experience from elite sport with the latest thinking in performance. We have developed a range of engaging seminars and interactive workshops specifically designed to translate the lessons of sporting success to businesses and help individuals and organisations achieve outstanding performance. Content can be tailored to meet your needs and the sessions can take the form of anything from a one hour lunch and learn seminar to a full day workshop.

Below are some examples of our most popular workshops

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Managing Your Energy for Optimal Performance

Great success is inseparable from having great amounts of energy. The key to creating the optimum performance state is developing the capacity to mobilise energy on demand – Energy Management. In this highly interactive workshop you will develop your personal energy management strategy so that you are able to consistently sustain your energy through a working day, as well as have energy left over at the end of the working day for your family/friends. You will discover the integral role that nutrition, fitness and recovery play in giving the corporate athlete the winning edge.


21st century fitness: a modern approach to exercise & health

When you think of the word, ‘exercise’ what springs to mind? Do you see something positive in your mind’s eye, or does the word conjure up thoughts of ‘no pain, no gain’, slaving away on the treadmill or lifting heavy weights next to big guys in the gym? In years gone by, much of the focus on exercise seemed to revolve around ‘feeling the burn’ and ‘pushing yourself to the max’. Given how busy, stressful and time consuming life can be nowadays, this isn’t feasible – let alone desirable for most people. Fortunately, with new research and modern developments in the science of health and fitness, you no longer have to subscribe to the ‘pain is weakness leaving your body’ school of exercise!


Nutrition for life: understanding the essential ingredients to health, vitality & performance

Are you confused about nutrition? If you are like many people, the answer will be yes. You may have a rough idea about how to fuel your body and mind, but with the amount of conflicting information you come across everyday, nutrition can become a minefield and feel very confusing. This makes it difficult for you to be proactive, take control of your nutrition and enjoy high levels of energy throughout the working day.


Looking after your heart

Research suggests there are a little over 2.6 million people living with heart disease in the UK. The older you are, the more likely you are to have heart disease. It affects about one in four men and one in five women aged 75 and over.  It is also the main cause of early death (under 75) in the UK. This session explores how, by making simple changes to your lifestyle, you can look after your heart and reduce your risk of developing certain heart conditions, such as coronary heart disease , or of having a stroke.


Back care in the workplace

Are you comfortable at your desk or do you walk away at the end of the day with back pain and tight shoulders? Did you know that employees have the legal right to a workstation assessment? This workshop looks at ergonomics at work. Ergonomics is the study of the workplace as related to the worker.The average person spends 8 hours a day at their desk but probably hasn’t considered the set up of their workstation. However, poor posture leads to back pain, it affects 80% of us and is one of the main reasons for work absence.


The ‘X’ factor: 10 steps to lasting motivation for health & fitness

Did you know that 75% of people who join a gym give up going within 3 months? This is such a shame because, when you think about it, people join for a reason. When they walk in to the health club and sign on the dotted line, they have purpose. They want to look better. They want to feel better. They want to get more from work and their day-to-day life. So what’s the missing link? For many people, it’s motivation. It’s in never being shown how to build real, lasting, authentic motivation that enables you to get results and go into the office feeling your best.