About HeartMath

HeartMath have developed products and services that enable people to transform stress, better regulate emotional responses and harness the power of heart/brain communication.

For more than 20 years, HeartMath has made significant contributions to both the scientific and practical understanding of the physiology of stress, heart-brain interactions and performance. From its published clinical research to its work with such clients as Mayo Clinic, NASA,  and many global 100 companies, HeartMath has developed an international reputation for the practicality and simplicity of its tools, the immediacy of its feedback technology, and the sustainability of client results.

Using HeartMath techniques, we can train you to create an optimal and high performance state in which the heart, mind and emotions are operating in-sync and in balance – known as ‘Coherence’. Coherence is a term used by scientists to describe a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously. Coherence is a state very similar to what athletes experience when they are in what is called “The Zone”.

Changing Heart Rhythms

When you experience stressful emotions such as tension, anxiety, irritation, or anger, your heart rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, which negatively affects health, brain function, performance and your sense of well-being.
When you are experiencing positive emotions such as appreciation, care, joy or love, your heart rhythm pattern becomes more ordered and coherent. Ordered and harmonious heart rhythms are an indicator of your “coherence level”. High coherence is a state associated with positive emotional attitudes, which send signals to the brain that reduce stress, improve brain function, hormonal balance, immune response, coordination and reaction times and facilitate peak performance.

HeartMath works with the award-winning emWave bio-feedback technology to help train your system to reach a coherent state on demand.

Client results include:

  • 13% lower health costs
  • 59% reduction in number of participants with metabolic syndrome
  • 30-50% reduction in fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness, muscle tension, body aches and headache