HeartMath for Business

Prepare Your Workforce to Stay Healthy and Productive Through Today’s Challenging Times

We provide both group training sessions and individual coaching sessions to business executives on the full range of HeartMath® programmes.

Our flagship Transforming Stress into Resilience program  provides tools, technology and skill development to help individuals respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, challenge and change. Ten years of client results show significant, sustained improvements in health costs, productivity, stress levels, resilience, cognitive state and emotional wellbeing. The sessions can be be adapted to meet your objectives and we can deliver them as face to face sessions, webinars or as coaching-style tele-training.

The program effectiveness is assessed through analysis of pre- and post-training measurements. The Personal and Organisational Quality Assessment (POQA) is a validated and normed assessment tool designed by the Institute of HeartMath to provide pre-post improvements for both the individual and the group. This 80-question survey measures physical stress symptoms, psychological health, resilience, emotional competencies, organisational climate and work performance.

“Ideal and simple tools for the transformation within our people. The results speak for themselves.”

Peter Buecking, Sales & Marketing Director, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd