Keynote Presentations

Our keynote presentations cover a range of topics that can be tailored and modified to suit your needs.

They are designed to inspire, educate and motivate individuals and businesses to re-think their attitudes to performance and personal wellbeing. Our speakers are highly accomplished; they are entertaining, direct and on target. They all hold a passionate belief that every individual has a talent and an ability to achieve their goals and ambitions and to go beyond their barriers, whatever they might be.

A great example is our highly acclaimed ‘Beyond Personal Barriers’ keynote with Anna Hemmings MBE and Dr Dorian Dugmore. Following this presentation you will realise the importance of aligning wellness goals with business strategies and walk away with a clear understanding of the implications of lifestyle choices on your health, happiness and ultimately performance. Dorian will discuss the concept of upstream medicine and the importance of preventing rather treating disease in order to optimise health and wellbeing. He will also give you an insight into what a wellness company looks like and how you can change your health status with a few simple and practical steps. All of this is illustrated with examples and case studies from the corporate arena and the high pressure cauldron of football league management.

Anna is adept at taking the lessons that she learned from the sporting environment and relating them back to the business world. She learned first hand the dangers of losing the work-life balance. She realised that if she wanted longevity in her career she had to take a more holistic approach and take care of every element of her life not just her performance. Anna will also discuss the health costs of stress and present ways to handle pressure and use pressurised environments to optimise your performance.  Her tale of triumph over adversity gives people hope, strength and the understanding that anything really is possible.

Together Anna and Dorian are an inspiring team, who will provide you with valuable tools and strategies to overcome your barriers.

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Topics can include:

  • The power of the mind - visualisation, changing states, limiting beliefs
  • Mental toughness - thriving under pressure and in the face of adversity
  • Developing self belief and confidence
  • Motivation and goal setting for performance excellence
  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Knowing your wellness numbers– reducing the risk of chronic disease
  • Measuring the impact of wellbeing strategies
  • Implementing strategies to maintain a stable workforce in a changing climate
  • Managing wellbeing on a budget