Workshops and Seminars

Our unique approach combines learning and experience from elite sport with the latest thinking in organisational performance. We have developed a range of engaging seminars and interactive workshops specifically designed to translate the lessons of sporting success to businesses and help individuals and organisations achieve outstanding performance. Below are some examples of our most popular workshops.

Below are some examples of our most popular workshops

The Resilient Performer

In this course we will teach a set of highly effective, practical techniques that will help strengthen individuals to become more resilient, improve energy levels, build capacity, improve decision-making, creativity and overall performance, whilst at the same time reducing the impact of stress.

Resilience is multidimensional. In this course we cover all aspects of resilience from Physical and Emotional to Mental and Spiritual.


Managing Your Energy for Optimal Performance

Great success is inseparable from having great amounts of energy. The key to creating the optimum performance state is developing the capacity to mobilise energy on demand – Energy Management. In this highly interactive workshop you will develop your personal energy management strategy so that you are able to consistently sustain your energy through a working day, as well as have energy left over at the end of the working day for your family/friends. You will discover the integral role that nutrition, fitness and recovery play in giving the corporate athlete the winning edge.


Managing Your State for Optimum Performance

Increasingly, businesses require employees to perform under pressure and display greater resilience in a changing and challenging environment. If you are not equipped to deal with the increased pressure and pace this can lead to anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, reactive and irrational decisions and a substantial decrease in performance. In this workshop we look at the critical connection between emotions, physiology and performance. We draw on some of the parallels and key lessons learned from the science of performance and elite sport to teach delegates a set of highly effective, practical techniques to help them manage their state, be less reactive, think more clearly and make good decisions under pressure.


Building Mental Resilience

In this workshop we draw on experiences and anecdotes from the high pressure world of elite sport and teach you tools and techniques to help you build your mental resilience, your capacity to cope and perform at your best under pressure. We explore how our thinking style has a key impact on our level of resilience – by shaping our thinking and by building rituals, we can strengthen our mental resilience.

Transforming Stress Into Resilience

We live in arguably the most challenging economic era of our lifetime; there is uncertainty about the future and the pressure and pace is continuing to rise. If you are not equipped to deal with this it will create significant levels of anxiety, sleeplessness, reactive and irrational decisions, a substantial decrease in performance and increasing health problems. This practical skill-building workshop presents the research on the physiology of stress and performance and teaches the scientifically-validated tools and technology to successfully manage stress and maintain balance and clarity while meeting the daily challenges of work. Participants leave the program with simple and practical tools that can be used in real-time and with personal experience to validate their effectiveness.


Coping with change

In most organisations change has become a part of everyday working life yet how these changes are managed on a personal basis and our own personal attitudes to change are intrinsically linked. This workshop is designed to help staff cope with change, even if this is enforced change. By understanding how we are affected by change and the natural way we deal with change we are able to help staff build up a coping strategy that will help adapt to ever changing environments. (more…)

Mental toughness at work: Developing a game plan for success

The challenges facing individuals and teams across business sectors are remarkably similar. People are challenged with long working hours, constant change, adversity, setbacks and often extreme pressure. Confidence, clear thinking and resilience are pre-requisites for success and will help make the difference between winning and losing. This workshop will outline a unique model of mental toughness.


Positively thriving on stress

Much has been written about stress and a lot of that has been negative press. In fact stress can be a good thing, as our bodies naturally respond well to increased pressure by motivating us to perform. The trick in life is determining how to stay positively thriving on it rather than negatively drowning in it.

Some of the ways to learn that are about recognizing that top executives are drawn to careers that involve some stress because they are attracted to pressure. Driven, focused and often highly motivated, they are in need of control or they can be severely frustrated and unhappy. Understanding this is a crucial first step. Then it is possible to recognize the natural up’s and down’s in body chemistry that occur as a result of experiencing a very demanding role.


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