Workshops and Seminars

Our unique approach combines learning and experience from elite sport with the latest thinking in organisational performance. We have developed a range of engaging seminars and interactive workshops specifically designed to translate the lessons of sporting success to businesses and help individuals and organisations achieve outstanding performance.
Below are some examples of our most popular workshops.

Mental Toughness

In the modern corporate world we all are challenged with long working hours, constant change, adversity, setbacks and often, extreme pressure. Confidence, clear thinking and resilience are pre-requisites for success and help make the difference between winning and losing. In this workshop we draw on experiences and anecdotes from the high pressure world of elite sport and teach you tools and techniques to help you build your mental toughness, your capacity to cope and perform at your best under pressure.

Building High Performance Business Teams

Talking about the importance of teamwork is easy – building a group of individuals, each with their own interests and agendas, into a winning team is rather more difficult. In this workshop we look at the various processes that high performing sports teams use to build trust, embrace conflict and enhance team cohesion. Throughout the workshop will draw on key lessons from sport for the development of high performance teams in the business world.


The Winning Mindset

A winning mindset is the key to success whether you are a business executive or an Olympic athlete. Our thoughts and emotions influence our mood, our clarity of thought, our communication, our body language and ultimately our ability to perform. The best performers have discovered how to control their thoughts and emotions so that they can perform on demand with confidence and conviction. Our team have either worked with the world’s best athletes or they were the best in the world in their sport at the peak of their career. In this workshop their world class insights, tips and strategies on developing a winning mindset will be shared with you.


Reading People

With instant global communication it is vital to be able to quickly get a sense of who we are dealing with. We need to know something about what makes the other person tick in order for us to be effective in negotiations, selling and in all communications. This workshop is based on ancient wisdom and gives you tools to instantly read someone simply by observing their physical characteristics. There are six basic models of human vehicle, each with their innate strengths, weaknesses and motivations.


Improvisation skills for business leaders

The speed of communication in the world of commerce shows no sign of slowing down! Business leaders need to think on their feet, under pressure and without having all the information. This is a skill in which few have been trained and so we tend to react from panic rather than creative inspiration. In this highly interactive workshop you will learn the techniques that actors use to improvise onstage. (more…)

Utilising the power of your mind

‘what you see is what you get’ – Zig Ziglar

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between a vividly imagined experience and a real life experience. Successful athletes understand the value of this and use visualisation techniques to condition their mind in such a way that when they’re in the heat of competition their bodies’ go into ‘auto pilot’ and automatically behave the way they want it to without effort.  In fact, all successful people use the power of their minds to either consciously or unconsciously attract the success they want into their lives. There are various techniques that you can learn to help utilise the power of your mind and achieve more. (more…)

Managing and leading change

Leading and managing change is an important subject at a time when organizations have to introduce new processes, and modify old processes, in order to remain competitive. The impact of frequent change, or infrequent but significant change, on people can often be de-motivating and negative. But it doesn’t have to be. (more…)

Ashes to Ashes: Building high performance business teams

This workshop is hosted by Dr Steve Bull, he says, talking about the importance of teamwork is easy – building a group of individuals, each with their own interests and agendas, into a winning team is rather more difficult. In this workshop, Steve reviews the success of the Ashes winning England Cricket Team in 2005 and the various processes which contributed to this famous victory. He will also reflect on the difficulties that followed in the subsequent 12 month period and how the team prepared for the ultimate challenge of defending the Ashes in Australia. Throughout the presentation, Steve will draw key lessons for the development of high performance teams in the business world. (more…)