Nick Faith, Training and Development Manager, Overbury and Morgan Lovell

Working with Beyond the Barriers has been incredibly positive for us. They had a great set of base materials and were extremely flexible in reshaping these into ‘our’ course. Beyond the Barriers have been brilliant to work with and being able to leverage their sporting pedigree has added another level of credibility to the content. Their sporting heritage gives us access to tools and techniques being used in elite sport today. Beyond the Barriers have taken this and blended it into a wonderful mix of science, psychology and practical tools and examples that are relatable back to our world. The content of this course is absolutely first class. I would rate this content right up there with the best I have seen from other organisations.

Steve Aylwin. Workforce Lead, NHS CCG Dorset

I am pleased to say that Anna and the team at Beyond the Barriers have delivered a workshop that exceeds our expectations demonstrating a great amount of flexibility in their approach.

I am very pleased we chose to partner with Beyond the Barriers for our resilience training because they are a great team to work with, they are flexible and adaptable, they can engage people at all levels within the organisation and they bring a totally fresh perspective on resilience by relating what they’ve learnt from high performance in sport to performing under pressure in the work environment.

Nadia Harrington, Suffolk County Council

“I just wanted to say thank you, the feedback from the sessions has been excellent. I bumped into two people who attended yesterday and they were ‘buzzing’ from the two days and cited the impact that it had on them.”

Russell O'Keefe, Head of Strategy and People - Norwich City Council

“Attendees on the Resilience training workshop found it to be relevant, valuable and engaging. Anna is an accomplished trainer which helped in inspiring the workshop attendees, particularly through the telling of her own personal story of sporting success.”

Deborah Perry, Boots UK

“Excellent presentation and engagement of the audience. I found Anna to be an exceptionally good workshop facilitator – captivating and charismatic.”

Naomi Climer, Vice President, Sony PSE

“Anna Hemmings is a brilliant speaker – the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated by the event – I was spellbound. The feedback from this event was the best I’ve ever had. Anna has the ability to tell a great story whilst making useful connections to personal and business issues. There were many thought provoking ideas generated and we’re still referring back to the lessons from her story several weeks after the event.”

Caroline James, Herbert Smith

“I really enjoyed the course, the presenters were excellent. They were engaging, interesting and very knowledgeable.”

Chris Murray - CEO Xoserve Ltd

“Anna’s thoughts on how we can all take make beneficial lifestyle choices through managing our food (fuel), exercise and rest, provide an easily understood equation that provides the solution to our personal energy management needs. My team found her presentation both engaging and thought provoking and I have no doubt that many of them will be implementing her advice and reaping the benefits of doing so.”

Daniel Wood, Events & Marketing Manager, Service Desk Institute (SDI)

“There was not one negative comment in the delegate feedback – incredible! The feedback shows that you not only met, but far exceeded, objectives and expectations. Your presentation style was also excellent. We would recommend you to everybody!”

George Mayhew, Director of Corporate Affairs, National Grid

“Beyond Barriers delivered an excellent and thought provoking workshop as part of National Grid’s Safety, Health and Environment Leadership programme.  During the workshop Beyond Barriers made a compelling case for healthier living, providing straight forward, practical advice on those actions we could take to improve our general well-being – making us much more effective and fulfilled in the workplace and, of course, at home.”

Sarah Winckless, Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2 x World Champion

Sarah Winckless, Olympic Bronze Medalist and two-tomes World Champion rower reviews HeartMath and our Certification Course for Sports Professionals.

Brendan Lynch, Director, Wholesale Markets, Virgin Media

“Anna Hemmings, MBE, delivered a session at my Sales Conference in September 2010.  Anna’s personal story of triumph over adversity and her commitment to continuous and never ending improvement was the perfect motivation for my team.  Following the completion of a detailed and thorough pre meeting brief Anna tailored her message in line with my objectives for the session and the result was more than just a compelling story; it was a compelling and relevant business message. I highly recommend both Beyond the Barriers and Anna for any corporate function.”

Steve Farmer, Managing Director, Plant & Fleet Services, Balfour Beatty

“For the first time we have in one simple document all of the aggregated health numbers of our most senior managers. This is very powerful data and gives us a starting point for taking individual action. A healthy team is a healthy company. The personal numbers help us to be able to gauge the readiness of our management team for the challenges that we face in our business and to help wellbeing towards our sustainability vision for 2020. The good news is that everyone can work on their wellness and this programme provides a useful start with the use of HeartMath tools which have been proven to reduce stress and increase vitality and performance.”

Phil Boas, Head of Sponsorship & Events, E.ON UK

“Anna Hemmings did a fantastic job of bringing to life how the lessons learnt as an elite athlete can be transferred into the work place to help cope with the constant pressure and change we face – there was a real buzz in the room after her presentation and feedback has been excellent with several people asking to contact Anna directly to thank her for such an inspirational presentation. This sort of response is not easy to get from a roomful of marketing professionals!”

Joe Adams, Group Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives

“The workshop that Dr Dorian Dugmore and Anna Hemmings MBE presented was absolutely first class. Dorian Dugmore’s comments regarding cardiovascular health and overall nutrition were exceptionally valuable. The workshop was of excellent value and I would encourage all chairmen who have not heard them speak before to include them in their speaker line up for the future.”

Jonathan Austin, CEO, Sunday Times 100 Best companies

“Absolutely fantastic, a great day with great people”

Jan Mayne, Centrica Energy

“Your presentation was highly motivational and appealed to a wide audience in a variety of different ways. You presented a number of techniques that can be applied to our business environment and you maintained a wonderful rapport with the audience created through rhythm and pace. Thank you for a very engaging presentation.”

Stuart Pearce, England U21 Football Manager

“Informative, excellent & educational”

Robert Lambert, CEO, Rockport

“My thanks go out to Dr. Dorian Dugmore, without whose help I would never have accomplished any of the goals that I set myself. His unwavering friendship, enthusiasm, knowledge and motivation have been invaluable all year, as has his company during training runs and ultimately during the marathon itself – which I would not have finished without him! It is so rare, in today’s climate, to encounter someone who is prepared to help someone else achieve their goals, giving of their time 100% unselfishly and asking nothing in return – thank you Dorian!”

Carole Beverley, CEO, Entrepreneurs Forum

“The presentation that you delivered was a powerful wake up call and clearly made a lot of sense to the audience gathered. Judging by the very positive feedback that we have received over the past few days, many of the delegates will be using your advice on corporate wellness straight away within their organisations.”

Roy McFarland Football Manager

“Fantastic day – changes today to my life, that will hopefully make my life longer”

John Inverdale, Sports Correspondent, BBC TV and Radio

“Anna is a very positive, entertaining and intelligent speaker who can act as a real inspiration to would-be sports people, and whose experiences in the world of elite sport offer great benefits to those in the equally competitive world of business.”

Peter Pritchett, Academy of Chief Executives

“A really great workshop, enjoyed by all present. “Inspirational” was mentioned several times. Your illustration of the power of visualisation was fantastic and you showed how it can be used in a very practical and powerful way.”

Hossain Rezai, Pride Valley Foods

“So good and fantastic, I want to roll it out for all my employees”