In-Sync Peak Performance Training

Our In-Sync Peak Performance programme provides athletes with simple, yet very effective techniques to get into a peak performance state on-demand. By combining emotional management and mental skills training with objective measurement from biofeedback technology, athletes can quickly learn to alter their emotional, mental and physiological state to perform at their best under challenging conditions.


Olympic athletes, professional golfers, football and tennis players are now applying these scientifically proven techniques alongside  biofeedback and neurofeedback measurement tools to get into a peak performance state on demand by consciously training and controlling their body’s response to stress.

Optimal Performance State

This measurable state provides players with increased coordination, improved motor skills and timing, improved decision-making, sensitivity and clarity in and out of the sports arena.

We all know that our thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on our ability to perform at our best.  Science however tells us that we are hard wired to respond emotionally first and then think about it second when we are under pressure. Our ability to manage our emotional state under intense pressure and demanding conditions is really what separates sporting champions from the rest. Our cutting edge programmes teach athletes powerful techniques to balance their autonomic nervous system and control their emotional game for peak performance on demand.

Our programme will teach you how to:

  • Increase awareness of how emotions affect your body and impact your performance
  • Balance the autonomic nervous system to stabilise emotions, reduce cortisol and adrenaline
  • Manage performance anxiety, pressure and excitability
  • Improve focus and concentration during stressful moments during training or competition
  • Improve teamwork and communication and keep perspective
  • Decrease “mental chatter”
  • Increase confidence and self control
  • Regain focus quickly following a setback
  • Effectively recover so you optimise energy and sustain performance

Ken Way – Performance Psychologist, Premiership Football

Ali Young, 2012 Olympic Sailor

Kevin Merry PGA Golf Pro, The Grove


“Coherence training allowed me to re-discover my true gifts and talents” 

Manuela Henkel German Olympic Champion, Cross Country Skiing 4x5km

‘Coherence training helps you learn how to go inward and breathe effectively controlling stress and anxiety. ” 

Karen Furnaux Canadian Olympic Sprint Kayaker, 2 time world champion, 3 time Olympian