HeartMath for Optimal Sports Performance

Athletes from many sports disciplines from Olympic sports to professional golf, football and cricket have harnessed the power of HeartMath® to take control of their performance and harness their innate emotional power to perform on demand. Our HeartMath for Optimal Sports Performance programme is a cutting edge, scientifically validated programme that teaches athletes the powerful HeartMath techniques to control their emotional game and optimise their performance. Athletes who combine mental and emotional training with their physical training have a real competitive advantage and are much better equipped to enter into the peak performance zone more consistently. Our emotional state and perceptions, not our thinking, play the dominant role in creating a coherent physiological state (the zone) for optimal performance. Classic psychology-based programmes are be useful in developing modes of thought, but they don’t address the critical issue of the connection between emotions, physiology and performance.

Research has identified a psycho-physiological state in which the interactions between the heart, brain and nervous systems become synchronised. This state of synchronisation can be observed, measured and trained using award-winning bio-feedback technology. This measurable state provides players with increased coordination, improved motor skills and timing, improved decision-making, sensitivity and clarity in and out of the sports arena.
The tools and techniques taught in this programme train athletes how to regulate and shift their psycho-physiological state in the moment and then extend it for prolonged periods.

Get a competitive edge: using our HeartMath for Optimal Sports Performance programme.

You will learn how to:

  • Increase your awareness of how your thoughts and emotions affect your body and the impact that can have on your performance
  • Get in the zone for optimal performance intentionally and at anytime
  • Eliminate negative and inefficient emotional undercurrents
  • Effectively manage anxiety, pressure and excitability
  • Increase confidence and self control
  • Regain energy for optimal performance
  • Improve your focus during stressful moments whether it be during training or competition
  • Effectively recover so you optimise energy and sustain performance

Other benefits of engaging in the Optimal Sports Performance programme and using the emWave bio-feedback technology include:

  1. The emWave2 device is lightweight, portable and easy to use.
  2. Fits any training schedule.
  3. The technology gives you real time feedback.
  4. You can transfer beyond sport to any  area of your life.

Results are:

Immediate – in one hour, or in one day, with a little practice.

Measurable – you can watch your heart rhythms change in real time and monitor your progress

Sustained – you continue to improve your ability to get in the ‘zone’ and deal with the challenges of training and competition.

HeartMath techniques are being used by athletes and teams across the world in sports as diverse as ice hockey and equestrian to professional golfers and footballers to Olympic swimmers, divers and canoeists.

For more information on training sports teams, 1:1 athlete coaching, certification course for sports professionals or contact us

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“Not only were my mental skills continually improving, but they were working in game conditions, not just practice”

Billy Cundiff, NFL Football. Baltimore Ravens


“I used HeartMath before performing each routine and it helped me to feel calmer and more relaxed. I’m sleeping better and generally have more energy in the gym.”

Ross Brewer, British Gymnast, 2 x Commonwealth Games Champion


“The guys are constantly bombarded with people telling them to try this and that, but I’ve never seen anything quite as effective as HeartMath.”

Brendan Taylor, Vice President, IMG


“The emWave makes visible the state of my body, and I was able to use the feedback to enter a state of peak performance.”

Nynke Pereboom Olympic Athlete, Marksman Netherlands

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