Team Training

In-Sync Peak Performance Programmes for Teams

In many sports, success comes from teamwork. “we were on the same wavelength” or “we just clicked” are common expressions from team players who experienced being in-sync with each other and performing at unusually high levels. What they are describing is a type of collective coherence or resonance in which shared sense of energy, rhythm and intuitive knowing occurs and has a positive effect on how they interact to achieve a successful outcome.

The achievement of successful teamwork or collective coherence is often less than optimal because of individual team members’ personal stress, lack of emotional energy management and ultimately their drain on the collective team energy. When teams practice the HeartMath techniques before and during training and before games and during timeouts they can create personal and team coherence more quickly and this increases intuitive synchronisation with each other so they can perform ‘in sync’.

Different sports teams from football to ice hockey and cricket have used HeartMath techniques with significant improvements in performance levels.

Reported benefits:

  1. Team unity improved
  2. Improved communication
  3. Muscles feel fresher during the game
  4. Greater awareness of what is happening in the game
  5. Enhanced performance
  6. Quicker reaction times
  7. Greater calm in pressure moments


Anna’s status as a double Olympian and 6 x world champion gives her a great deal of street-cred in the eyes of the players. The feedback has been very positive and we certainly found it very useful in highlighting the importance of being able to take control of your emotions and bodies during stressful situations.”

David Walsh, Coach, AFC Wimbledon

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