In-Sync Golf Training

Get into the optimum state for high performance golf – On demand

23 April, HindHead Golf Club – Surrey

  • Emotional state, not thinking, plays the dominant role in influencing performance on the course.
  • Learn how this state can be observed, measured and trained with award-winning bio-feedback technology.
  • Master simple, practical, scientifically validated techniques that tour pros are using to access this state on-demand.

This highly interactive 1 day course is tailored to the individual. We combine personality and skills assessments with coaching in practical application of powerful scientifically validated tools and techniques on the golf course, making extensive use of elite coaches and the short game facility at Hindhead Golf Club in Surrey.

This ground-breaking, easy-to-use system is used by PGA Tour professionals to lower scores and give them the power over the “inner mechanics” of their heart, brain, nervous system, and emotions-even in the most challenging competitive situations. Elite athletes from many sports are using these techniques to access a high performance state on-demand and stay there for extended periods.

HeartMath is a simple set of practical tools that are based on cutting edge science. It is used in combination with award winning bio-feedback emWave® technology. It gives golfers the ability to identify when their heart is racing and do something about it. You can quickly train your system to maximise your emotional calm, concentration and mental focus while under pressure.

Research has identified a psycho-physiological state in which the interactions between the heart, brain and nervous systems become synchronised. This state can be observed, measured and trained using our award-winning bio-feedback technology. This measurable state provides players with increased coordination, improved motor skills and timing, improved decision-making, sensitivity and clarity on and off the golf course.

Using the emWave technology, you can get real-time physiological feedback on your internal state and take the guesswork out of your game.

In-Sync Golf Training is delivered by Beyond the Barriers, licensed providers of HeartMath in the UK.

Our team of elite golf coaches and world champion athletes are all qualified and experienced coaches in the HeartMath system.This course is delivered by 6 x World Champion Anna Hemmings MBE, Cleveland Short Game Ambassador, Ben Clayton and Elite Golf Coach, Stuart Cartwright.

This In-Sync training day is tailored for individuals and incorporates:

  • Pre-course reading, exercises and personality assessment
  • Latest science on emotional control for golfer
  • Pre-learning short game golf skills assessment
  • Learning the techniques to get into an optimum performance state
  • Putting it all into practice – Short game skills practical and re-assessment
  • Results analysis and development of your personal plan

Places are strictly limited. For more information or to reserve your place on this training day, please contact:

Beyond the Barriers Ltd :

Tel: +44(0)208 5403603


Perform under pressure:
  • Access inner calm
  • Remove unnecessary analysis
  • Increase coordination
  • Improve decision making

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