Training Programmes

Beyond the Barriers Peak Performance Programmes provide you with remarkably simple yet very effective techniques that are based upon 30 years of psychophysiological, neurocardiological and biophysical research supported by, hundreds of studies across the fields of neurology, cardiology and psychology. Our cutting edge programme teaches powerful techniques to enhance performance by learning to manage the body’s response to pressure and aggressive anxiety. Athletes discover how to balance their autonomic nervous system and control their emotional game for peak performance on demand.

We offer a range of comprehensive training courses aimed at:

  • Coaches

The HeartMath Sports Certification Course has been specifically designed for sports coaches, psychologists and scientists who want to teach their athletes the powerful techniques of the HeartMath system in a one-to-one setting.

 Read more about how you can get the best out of your clients by becoming a Certified HeartMath sports professional.

  • Individuals

This In-Sync Peak Performance programme is aimed at individuals across a range of sports and takes performance to the next level, not just for a few fleeting moments but for longer and for more consistent optimal performance.

Read more about how you can harness your innate emotional power to perform at the highest level on demand.

  • Teams

The In-Sync Peak Performance programme for teams will enhance team unity, communication and decision making as well as performance levels. This programme proves successful for teams across a variety of sports.

Read more about how your team can capture their psychological edge and take their performance to the next level.

“HeartMath is an exciting intervention with great potential to engage my athletes and make a difference to their performance. The facilitators were great and very genuine; they helped us make it relevant to our own work.”

Katie Warriner, Sports Psychologist, GB Canoeing London 2012 Gold Medal winning team


“HeartMath has been really useful for keeping calm and maintaining focus.”

Ali Young, Laser Radial Sailing, 5th place – London 2012 Olympic Games


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