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In-Sync Peak Performance Programme

Many athletes focus the majority of their efforts on improving physical fitness and technical ability; however the latest research shows that our emotional state plays a dominant role in influencing our performance.

Do you know how to relieve stress during a pressure moment in competition? Do you have the wow)) cheap cialis pills skills to quickly and effectively refocus after a setback or mistake? Can you control your breathing so that you are ready to perform at your best?

The powerful techniques in our programme combine mental skills with biofeedback and resilience training, enabling athletes to better self-regulate their tension and buy real viagra emotional responses, especially in challenging situations. Skill acquisition together with real-time objective biofeedback empowers athletes, builds confidence and greater focus in their preparation and performance.

With our programme you will:

  • Learn how to create the right conditions to access an optimal performance state on demand
  • Develop a greater understanding of buy levitra without prescription'>buy levitra without prescription the impact that emotions have on your body and ultimately your performance
  • Learn to canadian rx viagra effectively manage pressure, anxiety and excitability
  • Increase and sustain energy levels
  • Rebound quickly and effectively after a negative event
  • Maximise emotional calm, concentration and mental focus during competition

Our introductory In-Sync Peak Performance programme is delivered over 6 weeks and can be adapted to meet your objectives and http://osa-online.net/cms/womens-viagra training and competition schedule.

For more information please contact us at enquiries@beyondthebarriers.co.uk

“Through using  HeartMath techniques I have been able to accomplish all I’m doing. During my championship season, it was essential to relax when I needed to handle the stress associated with competing and frequent travel to tournaments. Add to this the need to cheapest viagra online overcome setbacks from injuries and keeping the competitive edge.”

Dennis Kelly – World Martial Arts Champion

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