HeartMath Certified Sports Coaches

Beyond the Barriers hold the UK licence to train individuals in HeartMath both at a group level and at an individual level. We also hold the exclusive licence to train and certify sports professionals to coach individuals on a 1:1 basis in sport using the HeartMath tools and techniques. See our Sports Certification Course page for more details.

Our Beyond the Barriers HeartMath Master Trainers are licensed to deliver HeartMath in a group and 1:1 setting and also to train sports professionals to coach HeartMath to their athletes:

Neil Templeton                -  neil.templeton@beyondthebarriers.co.uk

Anna Hemmings MBE  -    anna.hemmings@beyondthebarriers.co.uk

We have also  certified a team of sports professionals to coach HeartMath in Sport in a one-to-one setting:


First name Speciality Location email
Alan Fletcher Golf Bedfordshire alan@totalgolfacademy.co.uk
Sarah Winckless All sports Berkshire winckls@aol.com
Hilary Coldicott All sports Bucks hilary@coldicott.co.uk
Stuart Holcroft Putting (Golf) Bucks stuart@fearlessputting.com
Martin Fricker All sports Devon martin@flyonthewallcoaching.co.uk
Hugh Styles Sailing Dorset hugh@hughstyles.com
Amanda Wilding All sports Dorset awilding@bournemouth.ac.uk
Stephen Simpson Golf Essex stephensimpson@msn.com
Andrew Bremner Golf Hampshire asbremner@gmail.com
Ian Pitchford All sports Hampshire ian@i2idevelopmentsolutions.com
Michael James Tennis Herts mike@everyball.net
Dominic King Tennis Herts dom@everyball.net
Des Barry All sports Herts desbarry@mac.com
Jon Lamden All sports Herts jon.lambden@jkna-training.com
Kevin Merry Golf Herts kevin.merry@thegrove.co.uk
Marie Beard Equestrian Kent mbnlp@btinternet.com
Katie Warriner Canoeing London Katie.warriner@gbcanoeing.org.uk
Bernie Price All sports Merseyside berniep1@onetel.com
Zuzana Kocvacova All sports Middlesex info@hebiofeedback.co.uk
Graeme Foreman Tennis Newscastle gf10ace@aol.com
Ken Way All sports Notts ken@vsl.co.uk
Clare Goldie Equestrian Oxon cagoldie@gmail.com
Stuart Cartwright Golf Surrey stuart@elitegolftraining.co.uk
Louise Deeley All sports Surrey louise@inside-performance.com
Toby Garbett All sports Surrey tg@tobygarbett.com
Martin Fox All sports West Yorkshire martin@i-edge.co.uk
Fergus Wallace Golf Belfast fergus@performanceactive.com
Donough Holohan All Sports Dublin donough_holohan@hotmail.com
Eoin Burns All Sports Co Kerry info@breathingcoach.ie
Joe Awuku Golf Hannover joe-awuku@t-online.de