Health Awareness Days

Our team of qualified health coaches deliver our health awareness days. These days provide high-impact health awareness and promotional campaigns and are suitable for one-off events, or to compliment your existing wellbeing programme. They can also help launch or promote your own well-being initiatives and help tackle specific organisational challenges. These interactive events can be tailored to your needs to gain maximum employee participation.

Awareness days can include:

  • Health and nutrition experts on site
  • Personal trainer drop-in clinic
  • Health screening
  • Demonstration sessions
    • Healthy eating
    • Physical exercise
  • Presentations/workshops
  • Stress tests
  • Energy Boost Zone (additional cost) *
  • Internal marketing
  • Exhibition stand
  • Handouts

A marketing support package is provided for you to maximise impact and an Awareness Day Client Report helps you to evaluate the success of your investment. For more information please contact us.

* Energy Boost Zone is a a revolutionary mobile spa and wellness dome. A visit to the Energy Boost Zone for unique experience (15 or 30 minutes) to release stress, boost energy levels and learn how to sustain them. A thirty minute energy boost experience includes:

  • Meridian Treatment – the stimulation of key points leaves you wide awake an focused
  • Guided relaxation – a guided iPod relaxation helps you release stress and revitalise your energy
  • Energy consultation – learn how to sustain your energy and stay in ‘the zone’

“I find exercising makes me more alert and focused. I do a lot of thinking when I’m running – I plug in my music and away I go. I’m always rushing home after a good training session to jot down ideas in my notebook!”

Dame Kelly Holmes, Double Olympic Champion

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