As human beings our fundamental human need is to spend and renew energy; therefore constant energy expenditure without adequate recovery compromises performance and health and ultimately leads to burnout.

We believe that managing your energy is the key to unlocking your performance potential, especially in a corporate world that can be so relentless and exhausting. However if you learn to take care of your energy you will increase performance in every area of your life. These are the key areas that we focus on…

An example Energy Management masterclass

In this 2-day masterclass delegates will develop a personal energy management strategy so that they are able to consistently sustain energy throughout a working day and therefore become more productive and effective.


During this masterclass you will:

  • Understand the importance of energy management and its impact on health, happiness and performance
  • Be able to identify when your energy levels are starting to drop and what to do about it
  • Know how to build regular movement into your routine into order to stimulate energy and alertness
  • Understand what type of exercise to engage in, the intensity to work at and for how long in order to increase fitness and stamina
  • Improve concentration, mood and develop sustainable energy through eating the right foods at the right time throughout the day
  • Understand how critical it is to build recovery into your working day and how quick and simple that can be with the right tools
  • Learn practical tips from sleep doctors on how to improve quality and quantity of sleep to enhance energy, wellbeing and productivity
  • Explore what obstacles are currently in your way and how to break down these barriers in order to implement a realistic energy management strategy

The team that deliver this programme are all experts in their field with plenty of real life experience to draw on and inspire. This masterclass is highly practical and offers tips and tools that we ensure will be relevant to your industry and lifestyle. It is very interactive and includes cooking demonstrations, lots of movement and stretching, Q&A session with sleep medicine experts through to action planning. The programme can be delivered in two consecutive days or with 2-4 weeks in between to allow delegates to go away and put commitments into practice and then return to discuss the impact as well as the obstacles they faced.


We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t want more energy! This masterclass is relevant to anyone in the fast paced world, where working days are jam-packed, the pressure and expectation is high and having enough energy left at the end of the day for a bit of work-life balance is a priority.

Energy In seminar around tables

Meet the team

Our team are passionate about helping people enhance their energy and vitality. We draw on principles from the world of elite sport – the group of people who are the best at managing energy and training the human body for performance. Together we bring many years of experience and research in sport, as well as medical science and neuroscience to offer you the latest cutting edge thinking combined with simple, practical tools for optimal energy and performance.