Do you want to strengthen your resilience AND develop your leadership skills? Stay ahead of the game with the Resilient Leader’s Toolkit.

This programme is designed to help develop your capability to lead yourself and others, particularly through the challenging and uncertain times that we’re facing.

This 10 week course will boost your confidence as a leader, giving you the tools to identify the strengths you can rely on even in the face of rapid change and adversity.

It will enable you to provide clarity of direction so that people are committed to a shared vision, and are taking responsibility for helping you achieve it.

Programme details:


  • 6 x 90-120 minute online masterclasses
  • One to one coaching session
  • Online coaching tool available for 3 months
  • Small group size — limited to 12 participants
  • 23rd April 2021 — next course start date, bookings open
  • £695 + VAT — Investment in your Resilient Leadership
  • *Early bird special £649 + VAT — until 1st March

What you will gain


  • Confidence and competence in your resilient leadership
  • Knowledge of your strengths and areas of development and the tools to work on them
  • Awareness of what takes you from pressure to stress and how to rebalance
  • Understanding and application of the RLE™:
    • Clarity of Direction: People know where they are going and why they are going there
    • Leadership Presence: You have “presence” even when you’re not in the room
    • Awareness: Everyone, including you, works at their best, resulting in higher productivity and motivation through challenging times
    • Resilient Decision Making: You have the best chance of making good decisions when it really counts

100% of participants in the Resilient Leaders Toolkit Programme have seen measurable growth in their leadership development.

  • The programme is excellent, it has definitely helped me to be more resilient as a leader and now I have a collection of highly effective tools to draw on when I’m under pressure. I love that you can measure your leadership development at the beginning and end of the programme. Commercial Director, Parkeray Interiors


Programme delivered By Anna Hemmings, MBE

This programme is delivered by Anna Hemmings MBE, Founding Director of Beyond the Barriers. As an Olympian and former world champion whose journey was characterised by challenge, hard work, setback, adapting to change and also success, she knows a thing or two about resilience!

Anna has translated her experience as an elite athlete into practical tools and strategies to help leaders deliver world class performance and thrive under pressure. This involves unique methods to build resilience and leadership skills for different challenging environments. Anna’s unique combination of experience in sport combined with 10 years leading a successful training consultancy gives her a broad understanding of the challenges that leaders and teams face and how to overcome them to maximise performance. Anna is an accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant.

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