Good health is not just the absence of disease, it is an abundance of vitality and we can achieve that with optimum nutrition. The food we consume directly impacts many areas of our life from our health, to our focus, our energy and performance. The problem that many people face is the sheer amount of conflicting advice; we want to make nutrition simple and practical and help you to nourish your body with the right food to enhance health and performance. We focus on these key areas..

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There are a number of facets to this Pillar of health & wellbeing and we can create bespoke programmes tailored to suit your objectives, or you may wish to choose one of our masterclasses, such as the one outlined below.

Nutrition to Boost Brain Power

This masterclass offers cutting edge information and will help to promote optimum mental performance through nutrition and lifestyle. You will learn about what to eat before, during and after work to enhance concentration and memory and increase mental alertness. This inspirational masterclass is proven to make a positive difference to staff and aims to help staff boost productivity and maximise health.


The focus of this masterclass is to:

  • Understand how to use nutrition to increase focus and mental productivity at work and in your daily life Explore what brain health means
  • Discover foods and snacks to feed your brain and make you smarter
  • Reveal superfoods to enhance concentration, alertness and memory
  • Learn about how to prevent and manage degenerative conditions

This is a highly interactive masterclass that includes cooking demonstrations, which show just how quick and easy healthy food can be prepared. This programme is led by world class nutritionists who share the latest science and research coming out of the world of nutrition and make it simple and practical so that you can apply it to your own lifestyle. You will receive recipes and meal planners to help you implement what you learn and put it into action immediately.


This masterclass is relevant to anyone who wants to enhance their health and performance with optimum nutrition that will feed your brain and boost productivity.

Meet the team

Our nutritionists are leaders in their field. They are adept at making nutrition simple, practical and applicable.