High performing teams are finely tuned, they consistently perform at a high level, they achieve outstanding results and it doesn’t happen overnight but with the right tools and mindset it is possible. Our teamwork model is a fusion of the latest research and science of performance together with pioneering principles from the world of elite sport for the development of high performance teams in the business world. Key areas of focus are:

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We aim to build stronger and more effective team cultures. We do this with our framework that works to bring your team closer together, by creating an awareness of team dynamics, developing a strong team identity and vision, building trust and respect and a better understanding of where the team and individual strengths lie. We develop and embed attitudes and behaviours with an action plan for sustainable high performing teams.

The Five Behaviors

Our team development solutions are built around The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® the result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. The programme is based on five positive behaviours (Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results) associated with cohesive teams.

Read The Five Behaviours Difference to learn about this team development solution that rewrites the traditional rules of teamwork.

Whether you are looking for a high performing teams programme for a newly formed team, a mature team that needs to be re-energised or a high performing team that is looking for marginal gains and an extra competitive edge we can design a programme for you. Or you may wish to choose one of our signature masterclasses such as the one outlined below…

High performing teams

In this masterclass we look at the various processes that high performing teams use to enhance team cohesion. This is a highly interactive session which will explore the importance of understanding, appreciating and leveraging individual differences within a team culture.


The focus of this masterclass is to:

  • Create a clear vision, identity and purpose for the team with every individual understanding their role
  • Understand the characteristics of high performing teams and how you personally contribute
  • Understand the stages of team development and learn how to help the team develop to a high performing state and sustain that
  • Discover the 5 common dysfunctions of a team and self-assess to identify strengths and gaps
  • Identify the psychological preferences of all team members and how best to accommodate those preferences
  • Recognise what causes conflict in a team and learn to embrace constructive conflict

The masterclass is highly active and participative and very powerful. We will debate personal experiences of successful and less successful teams and work towards an action plan for sustainable high performing teams.  Where appropriate we use psychometric profiling to help increase participants’ self-awareness of their preferences and how that influences their interactions with others. Theory is brought to life with inspiring insights from high performing sport and business teams. All of this is put into practice with fun but meaningful team building activities that will invoke immediate impact and lasting change.


This masterclass can be designed for an intact team or for a group of individuals in different teams. For a masterclass specifically for mangers who are leading teams please refer to our leadership courses. The session will be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation and industry.

Beyond the Barriers is proud to be an authorised partner of The Five Behaviors

Authorised partner of The Five Behaviors, Wiley Brand