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Inspired by our experience in high performance sport we help individuals and teams perform at their best. We equip people with practical strategies and tools that help them achieve outstanding performance.

The BtB way...

Our 4 step methodology for sustainable high performance



Understanding your culture

To help your business compete and thrive we need to understand your company objectives and its culture. Let’s talk about the challenges you face and the obstacles you need to overcome. Then, with you, we will design a programme that is business-focused and meets the needs of your people.



Engaging hearts and minds

From Olympic athletes to performance psychologists and wellbeing professionals we are an elite team at the top of our game. We’re ready to share our personal experiences and insights in ways that motivate and inspire you. We help create the energy necessary to engage on every level – mental, emotional and physical.


BTB Tools

Workable strategies and practical tools

Cutting-edge scientific research and theory are important, but it’s what we have learned from real-life experiences – and how we combine the two – that makes the difference. We provide the means and know-how to help you use strategies and tools that work every day in business, so you can stay ahead of the competition.



Breaking down barriers

Our mission is to help you break down those barriers that may prevent change and improvement. We aim to allow you to build personal resilience, meet challenges head on and achieve results. By helping you put learning into action right away we can unlock potential and continually monitor to make sure performance is on track for long-term success.