Productive conversations lead to strong and sustainable relationships and better outcomes for everyone. Our masterclasses are designed to help you have even more meaningful conversations, making interactions more deliberate and more productive.
Participants will discover new skills and then put them into practice in a positive and supportive environment. They will leave with a winning game plan to build confidence and courage to successfully tackle difficult conversations.

Key areas of focus:

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We would love to design a bespoke programme for you that addresses specific challenges that your team are facing, or you may wish to choose one of our signature masterclasses such as the one outlined below.

This high energy and practical masterclass will offer a range of tools to enable you to maximise your conversations. We provide real life examples that relate to your work and business and help you to engage in productive conversations.


The focus of this masterclass is:

Building Rapport – increase your impact at initial meetings and get a conversation off to a great start by building rapport

  • Powerful Questions – a fundamental skill to help you engage in exceptional conversation is the art of using powerful questions
  • Effective Listening – a key skill in making sure we engage in exceptional conversations is the skill of Active Listening
  • Delivering and Receiving Feedback – ‘the food of champions!’ Effective feedback is crucial to helping people perform at their best
  • Adapt your conversation style – providing you with options and choice for the most productive conversation depending on your audience and desired outcome
  • Influencing with Impact – Apply specific influencing tactics to ensure you are getting the best from your working relationships
  • Delivering bad news – have the courage and confidence to tackle these conversations successfully

This 1 day masterclass is highly active and participative. During the programme participants receive one to one feedback and coaching around their communication style and the impact it has on others. Where appropriate we use psychometric profiling on this course to help increase participants’ self-awareness of their communication style. When appropriate for the client we use specialist business actors and role play facilitators, who can add great value to a workshop.


We all need to communicate and for exceptional performance we need exceptional conversations whether that’s within our teams or with a client. This programme is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their conversation skills and build the confidence for courageous conversations.

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