Three webinars to support you through the current health crisis and uncertain times ahead

Boost Your Immune System


23rd March 2020, 2pm GMT

Governments have been informing us about vigorous hand washing and social isolation, but there has been little to no advice on keeping ourselves healthy. Yet, being healthy and without nutrient deficiencies is important in protecting ourselves against COVID-19 and other viruses. In the words of Dr Mark Hyman, New York Times Bestselling Author “Death from infections is often not due to the infection itself but the body’s inability to fight it because of nutrient deficiencies.”

Your immune system is incredibly powerful. What you eat and drink and how you live have a direct impact on your health, wellbeing and the likelihood of getting ill.

In this 30-minute webinar you will learn about:

• How Nutrient Deficiencies Weaken the Immune System
• Food and Drink Choices to Boost Immunity
• Optimising Sleep through optimum nutrition

Delivered by Jenny Tschiesche – leading nutritionist

Jenny Tschiesche is one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts and the founder of www.lunchboxdoctor.com, a hugely popular brand. She has worked with leading brands and health campaigns including BBC Sport, Sport England, Discovery Education and Cancer Research UK. Jenny regularly contributes to TV and radio shows including Good Morning Britain and BBC Radio and to newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Mail, and Top Santé.

In 2018 she published three books Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meals straight from the oven, Gut Health and Probiotics and The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook: 101 Recipes for your Instant Pot (™). Jenny has recently completed book number four called Real Lunchtime Food.

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Resilience in Uncertain and Challenging Times


31st March 2020, 2pm GMT

Resilience has always been fundamental to our performance and wellbeing but with the current health crisis it’s more important than ever. The uncertainty and unprecedented situation will cause fear and anxiety for many; it’s crucial therefore that you boost your resilience so that you can thrive not just survive in this challenging time.

In this 30 minute webinar you will learn about:

  • Developing a resilient mindset
  • The importance of where you focus your attention and how to control the controllables
  • How to build emotional control

Delivered by Anna Hemmings MBE, Olympian & Founder of Beyond the Barriers

Anna founded Beyond the Barriers Training Consultancy in 2009 at the end of a glittering sporting career, where she won 6 World titles in marathon kayak racing and competed at two Olympic Games. Since transitioning from the world of elite sport into business Anna works globally as a training consultant, executive coach, a workshop facilitator and keynote speaker. She is adept at translating the lessons that she learned in sport into the business world and aims to help others build personal resilience, meet challenges head on and achieve results.

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Leading in Uncertain Times


15th April 2020, 2pm GMT

Leading others during a crisis challenges even the best leader’s confidence, self control and compassion. The temptation to simply react and respond without planning your approach is huge. Managing your own emotions and fears as a leader is going on at the same time as you are needing to show a confident and calm exterior.

In this 30 minute webinar we will explore the importance of:

  • Communicating to others ‘I’ve got this’ with integrity and honesty.
  •  Moving from ‘scaremongering to caremongering’
  •  Taking responsibility for making courageous decisions

Delivered by Hilary Coldicott

Hilary has twenty years’ experience in the world of consultancy, facilitation, coaching and training in the areas of team building, leadership and change management.
Hilary has worked with organisations in a wide range of industries and one of her specialist areas is change management and helping leaders manage themselves and their teams successfully through change and challenging times. Hilary coaches them to help align their vision, values and strategy and most of all their behaviour and influencing strategies.

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Published: Wednesday 18 March 2020
Written by: Anna Hemmings MBE, OLY