Avoid Crashing at Work by Building Recovery into Your Day

It’s absolutely essential to balance work with recovery, even if it’s just 2 minutes.

But what you do with those 2 minutes is crucial.

The temptation is to check the news, take a peek at emails, munch on a chocolate bar.

Instead, replace those behaviours with deep breathing, active recovery, exercise or even a humorous moment with your colleagues.

Remember that you need to take time to switch off from work, so that when you do come back to it, you can be fully engaged again and avoid crashing.

Today’s clip will give you a lot of great ideas for how you can stay energized all throughout your workday.

8 ways to recover and boost your energy at work:


  1. Take a break! Every 90-120 minutes is perfect. Use this opportunity to refuel with a healthy snack and hydrate. Your mind can only focus on work for so long before it tires.
  2. Go outside for your lunch break, or anywhere else as long as you get out of your regular work environment. The goal here is to disconnect from work.
  3. Build in exercise or movement into your day – whether it’s a brisk walk up and down the stairs or walking by the window across the office.
  4. Deep breathing for 1-3 minutes will help to relieve tension and quieten a busy mind.
  5. Avoid your phone. Better yet, switch it off for 5-10 minutes, and do something else that will energise you and rest your mind.
  6. Having a few laughs with colleagues is a great way to feel energised.
  7. Use music to boost your mood, perhaps even create an energising playlist to listen to on your commute.
  8. Practice a few minutes of mindfulness to switch off and calm a busy mind. The Calm App is highly recommended.

For more information on how we can help you and your teams learn to balance stress and recovery please refer to our sections on Resilience and Mental & emotional wellbeing. Or get in touch.

Published: Monday 9 November 2020
Written by: Anna Hemmings, MBE, OLY