Executive coaching

Investing in Executive Coaching means investing in leaders and your organisation. Whether your company is scaling up, or you feel you’ve reached a plateau, working with an Executive Coach can make a significant impact on performance by developing focus, confidence and leadership skills.

Why Coaching?

Our objective is to help you achieve outstanding results and return on your coaching investment. As Executive Coaches we support and challenge, we help leaders overcome obstacles by guiding them towards their own solutions, and hold them accountable for taking action.

Leaders will typically work with an Executive coach when they are struggling with:

  • Disengaged and de-motivated teams
  • Lack of clarity, direction and purpose
  • Lack of motivation and passion for their goals
  • Problem solving and decision making


Others might feel that they are already performing well but they want to be exceptional. We do this by:

  • Helping leaders to create engaged, motivated and high-performing teams
  • Helping leaders to communicate confidently and with honesty and integrity so that they build trusting relationships
  • Enhancing self-awareness and understanding the impact of their behaviour on others
  • Identifying and embedding strengths and working on areas of development
  • Helping leaders to build the resilience to thrive personally and professionally
  • Creating a space for leaders to think through problems and find solutions

Our approach

Our coaching programmes are typically blocks of 6 x 2hr 1-to-1 sessions.

The starting point with any coachee is to understand from their perspective:

1. Where they are at
2. Where they want to be
3. What issues they currently have that are preventing them from achieving what it is they want to achieve

Every leader will have their own unique challenges and goals and therefore every programme is tailored to the needs and objectives of that individual.

What we promise to all our clients is that we will:

  • Build a strong and supportive relationship with you
  • Listen without judgement
  • Provide a confidential space for you to discuss ideas, think and reflect
  • Enable you to discover your capabilities and potential
  • Challenge your thinking, support you and feedback
  • Help you focus on what’s important
  • Ask you difficult questions that you have perhaps been avoiding
  • Hold you accountable

What our coaching programme includes

  • 1-to-1 Executive Coaching for CEOs, MDs, C-Suite, Senior leaders and high potential managers
  • Team coaching for leadership groups
  • Coaching support for internal programmes
  • Developing leaders as coaches

We may use some NLP techniques, psychometric measures and behavioural profiling (such as MBTI or C-Me Colour profiling), 360 feedback or RLE Framework and assessment, depending on what is appropriate for that client and what they want to achieve.

  • Access to email support in between the sessions
  • On-going evaluation against the goals that you have set
  • A clear process to monitor and evaluate the coaching interventions

Complimentary Leadership Discovery Session

We will:

  • Help you to understand how leadership coaching will work with us
  • Help you identify key challenges and goals you want to achieve
  • Allow you to establish if there is chemistry between you and the coach
  • Leave the decision in your hands as to whether there is value in coaching for you, your leadership team or your business

Our coaches

Our coaches have a wealth of experience having worked with senior executives and leaders from a variety of industries from finance and construction to pharmaceuticals, public sector and elite sport over the last 20 years. They are all certified executive coaches and fully accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

They have accreditations in a variety of tools including behavioural profiling such as MBTI, C-Me Colour Profiling, SDI and EQ-I, through to Heartmath, 5 Behaviours and Resilient Leaders Elements as well as Diplomas in Sports Psychology and NLP.