Fuel Your Confidence

Do you know what fuels your confidence? Knowing what you can do to regularly boost your confidence is one of the most important things you can do for your performance.

The best performers have absolute clarity on what strengthens their confidence and they ensure they regularly stoke their confidence fire. They don’t wait for confidence to be knocked before they start working on it.

This video will give you an insight into a couple of key strategies that I used as an athlete to enhance my confidence on a regular basis.

I adapt these strategies for use with my business coaching clients, here’s how..

1. My 3 strengths – if your confidence is a little low, chances are your strengths are not at the tips of your fingers. You probably demonstrate your strengths every day, the problem is that you don’t notice when you do. A great tool for bringing these strengths to the forefront of your mind is the ‘My 3 strengths’ activity; it’s based on the same principles that I used with my training diary.

I’ll ask my client to take a journal or note pad and at the end of every day, to write down 3 incidents that happened that day where they demonstrated a strength. For example, that day a colleague came to you with a challenge they were facing and you demonstrated great listening skills before diving in and trying to solve the problem. This is evidence that you are a good listener and you would write this incident down and highlight the strength.

After doing this for 2-3 weeks, you will most likely look back at the journal and see the same strengths appearing again and again. Or you may notice strengths coming up that you didn’t realise you had. The process of reflecting on what happened each day and writing down the examples helps to re-wire your brain to look for your strengths in action. You’ll notice that we find what we are looking for.

2. Visualisation – this is a powerful tool and almost all elite performers will have used it at some point and continue to use it.

This can most certainly be used in a business context too. The most obvious example is for presenting, whether that’s doing a keynote to 500 people or delivering a presentation to your team. I encourage my clients to visualise themselves in the situation, to use all of their senses to help bring it to life, to see how they want to behave, their body language, their voice tone/pitch, imagine the audience responding how you want them too. When you can see this vividly, your mind will start to believe that it can become reality and when you arrive at the situation for real, it will feel familiar, thereby boosting your confidence further.

Find out what fuels your confidence and invest time and energy making sure that your confidence is bullet proof!

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Published: Tuesday 22 January 2019
Written by: Anna Hemmings MBE, OLY