Exceptional individuals are not born they are made. Our mission is to provide you with the key skills and mindset required to succeed at the highest level.

We draw on lessons and fascinating experiences from the world of elite sport to bring delegates simple, practical and powerful tools to perform at their best. We show how they can become exceptional in everything they do.
We cover all the key foundations of high performance.

Key areas of focus:

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We have the experience, the skills and the tools to design a programme for you that will transform your staff into exceptional individuals. Or you may wish to choose one of our signature masterclasses such as the module on Confidence outlined below:

Confidence Masterclass

Confidence is one of the key factors underpinning high performance; it provides you with a strong foundation for getting the best out of yourself, for dealing with pressure and for bouncing back strong from adversity. In this inspirational and interactive workshop participants will discover key sources of confidence and how you can systematically build robust confidence. We share experiences from the elite world of sport and the techniques athletes use to build their confidence to perform optimally in the most challenging of environments.


During this masterclass you will:

  • Build confidence to help overcome adversity and setback and increase resilience
  • Learn strategies for enhancing or regaining confidence when it is fragile
  • Uncover your signature strengths and use them to enhance self-belief
  • Discover how to use imagery, breathing, your inner voice and body language to enhance confidence even in challenging circumstances
  • Understand the differences between a growth and fixed mindset and how they impact confidence
  • Explore what keeps people in their comfort zones and how to expand your comfort zone for optimum confidence and performance

This masterclass is interactive, experiential and fun. It’s a high impact session brought to life with inspiring insights from elite athletes, combined with compelling research and neuroscience. We use a mixture of video and audio clips to offer real life examples of theory being put into practice. Participants will develop an action to apply the principles they have learnt and start seeing immediate impact.


This masterclass is suitable for anyone within an organisation who needs to build their confidence, who is about to step up to a new role and needs the confidence to take on new challenges or individuals who simply want to keep on improving performance and recognize that the best performers regularly invest time and energy in building their confidence.