How to Regain Confidence After Any Setback

When I was training for the Olympics, sometimes I found myself getting caught up in negative thoughts.

It was all too easy to start thinking about a bad training day, and then just get fixated on my failures. It was affecting my performance.

So working with my sports psychologist, we came up with a way to rebuild my confidence after any setback in training.

It begins with noticing the doubts that can creep in and take over when your confidence is low. We used to call them ANTs, “Automatic Negative Thinking”.

And then the game plan was to come up with a list of more helpful thoughts that I could always go back to whenever those ANTs popped in.

What’s great about this technique is that it works in more than just sport.

You may not realize it, but ANTs are crawling into your brain everyday, and negatively affecting your performance.

So the next time an ANT pops in, what’s one more supportive thought that you could be thinking of instead ?

Check out the video below for more top tips on building and regaining confidence.


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Published: Tuesday 6 October 2020
Written by: Anna Hemmings MBE