How To Make Great Decisions Under Pressure

If you’ve been watching the thrilling Tokyo Olympics then you might think that many of the athletes make confidence under pressure look effortless – but really it is an outward example of what is months and even years of preparation work.

To be robust in your decision-making, you have to take the time to play out the scenarios and the what-ifs before you make the decision. That way when you see the adverse scenario comes about, you know with a level of confidence that you can get through it. Why? Because you’ve seen it before, you’ve role-played it, you know how it ends well.

That is true as much for those athletes – prepping a race and the possible challenges they face – as it is for a start-up moving towards an IPO launch or a salesperson in a negotiation conversation with a client.

Know the pain points, know the objections, know the answers.

But above all be robust in your decision-making.

For more insight into how I became robust in my decision-making on the water, check out this snippet of my conversation with Claire Rackham of Inspirational Speakers.

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Published: Monday 2 August 2021
Written by: Anna Hemmings, OLY, MBE, High Performance and Leadership Coach