Leadership training and strategy implementation can transform the productivity in your workplace & mold your company culture.

Leadership training is essential for companies who want to ensure their employees are capable of taking on new challenges and able to grow both themselves and the business.

The classic mistake that many companies make is to focus their leadership training solely on managers.

Leaders and managers are not the same things, and by investing purely in those who seem to be “manager material” companies routinely miss out on developing and validating individuals like intrapreneurs, organizational influencers, and high-performers.

These people are often the real, unsung leaders in an organization, and harnessing their power and influence is critical.

There are many different types of  leadership training, but some common strategies include:

  1. Offering mentorship to senior leaders
  2. Offering reverse mentorship to ensure senior leaders are up-to-date with their practices and world-view
  3. Coaching Programmes – which can be done at 1-2-1 level or as a group
  4. 360 Feedback
  5. Online and in-person training – this could be on-the-job skills or soft skills. (Soft skills training could be anything from improving communication and influencing skills or delivering effective feedback, through to learning how to engage and motivate others and effective decision making.)
  6. Providing opportunities for employees to take on new responsibilities and projects
  7. Paying for formal education in related fields.

All of these strategies have the potential to improve the quality of leadership within a company, but it’s important to tailor the approach to the specific needs and culture of the organization.

Moreover, it is important to tailor learning approaches to individuals and their circumstances. People learn and need training at different stages – one size fits all may work for rolling things out in a large company, but a better approach would be working team by team to fit their training needs with a fitting solution.

What to do next?

We work with organizations big and small to get the best from their people and their training budget.

If you are ready to discuss leadership training across teams and levels of your organization or indeed for yourself, then get in touch.

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