What Motivates You?

Tap into your deepest motivational drivers for a longer more sustained level of motivation

We had anticipated that lockdown restrictions would have ended by now but alas the challenges of the pandemic continue, the blurred lines between work and home persist and combined with the lack of real contact with work colleagues it’s probably testing even the most highly motivated amongst us. So here are some top tips to boost motivation.

It’s important to understand what really drives you. Is it the sense of accomplishment? Is it a feeling of belonging? Or maybe it’s a desire for ownership of what you’re working on?

The more that we can understand what our internal motivators are the less we have to rely on willpower.

And what about your team? We’re all different and what motivates you won’t be the same for each member of your team. Tap into the deepest motivations of each individual and you’ll find a longer more sustained motivation when it comes from within.

Check out this video for a deeper understanding of motivational drivers and why it’s so important to get to know yourself and your team.

Published: Tuesday 22 June 2021
Written by: Anna Hemmings MBE, Leadership and High Performance Coach