Over the last 25 years Morgan McKinley has grown to become a leading global specialist recruitment company.

Operating in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving sector, the company’s staff need to be fully equipped for the demands and challenges of their business environment. High energy, clear thinking and the ability to perform under pressure are vital if employees are to continue striving for the highest standards.


We spent time understanding the organisation and its challenges and, together with the Head of Learning Development, we agreed a resilience programme. The directors would participate in one-day workshops and senior consultants would receive half-day workshops.

In order to build capacity and sustain high performance the content covered mental, emotional and physical resilience topics. The workshops were also designed to increase energy and enhance performance under pressure.

The key themes were:

  • Tools and techniques for staying calm and maintaining composure in the face of pressure
  • Managing and retraining the stress response
  • Building and enhancing confidence in the face of setback
  • Clear thinking and improving decision making
  • Improving concentration and energy levels through nutrition, exercise, movement and recovery

The Impact

  • The workshops proved to be well received and highly valuable. The resilience programme continues to run at senior consultant level.

    “I am so glad I attended the workshop, it was really an excellent day and I got a lot out of it! Anna was great and I think we all came away full of positive energy!”

    Julian Kulkarni, Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan McKinley
  • “I very much enjoyed it and found it personally very beneficial. I am happy to say that I am really taking it on board with some immediate changes.”

    Siobhan O’Shea, Director Client Services, Morgan McKinley