Local authorities face multiple challenges and Suffolk County Council is no different. The pressure is on to meet demands, reduce service costs and still invest in growth. This challenge is felt deeply by staff who are tasked to deliver great outcomes with less money and fewer resources. Employees need to be resilient if they are to thrive in this demanding and uncertain environment.


While we are often unable to change our external environment, we can train ourselves to better manage our inner state and build our capacity to thrive in the most difficult circumstances, emerging healthier, happier and stronger.

To achieve this goal means addressing not only the mental and emotional components of resilience but also physical resilience to help build capacity, manage energy and improve engagement.

We worked with the learning and development team to develop a resilience programme that comprised a series of one-day and half-day workshops designed to fully embed the learning and build on the content each time.

The key themes were:

  • Olympian and World Champion Anna Hemmings sharing her experiences and applicable learnings from the high pressure world of sport
  • Building resilience
  • Thriving under pressure
  • Managing stress
  • Maximising energy

The workshops were delivered as part of an integrated learning development programme across departments within the Council.

  • “I just wanted to say thank you, the feedback from the sessions has been excellent. I bumped into two people who attended yesterday and they were ‘buzzing’ from the two days and cited the impact that it had on them.”

    Nadia Harrington, Organisational Development Lead, Suffolk County Council
  • “This was probably the most useful and interesting course I have ever attended! Definitely recommended!”

    Shirley Moore, Suffolk County Council

The impact

  • 1%
    of delegates stated that the tools learn’t would have a positive impact on their performance
  • pie
    rated it 8 or more out of 10
  • heart
    of staff would recommend the seminars to others