How To Build A High Performing Hybrid Team

89% of UK Businesses state that hybrid working is here to stay, so what does that mean for your team? What does a high performing hybrid team look like and how do you build one?

The hybrid model certainly brings benefits for everyone and is implemented effectively it will offer the ‘best of both practices. However, creating a cohesive hybrid team that meets the needs of the individual and at the same time delivers on the organization’s objectives will not come without its challenges.

It’s essential that leaders develop the necessary skills and mindset to lead a hybrid team and understand the behaviors and actions that will result in an outstanding performance in this new way of working.

In this inspiring and practical webinar, Anna offers insights, tips, and actionable ideas for high-performing hybrid teams. She shares a fusion of the latest research and science of performance together with pioneering principles from the world of elite sport.

These include:

• The do’s and don’ts of hybrid teams
• How to collaborate better
• Keeping the team engaged and focused on the common goal
• Maximising inclusion of those not in the room
• Embracing healthy conflict for increased commitment


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Published: Friday 15 October 2021
Written by: Anna Hemmings, MBE, OLY.