Resilience is essential if you are to thrive rather than simply survive in this challenging and uncertain corporate climate. It’s what gives you the capacity to deal with the expectation, pressure and stresses of high performance.

While we can’t often change our external environment, we can train ourselves to better manage our inner state, to enhance our mindset and build our capacity to excel in the most difficult circumstances and emerge happier, stronger and more productive.

Building the resilience to sustain high performance in the face of constant demands will give you the competitive edge. Here is our model of resilience:

We can create a bespoke resilience programme for you or you can choose from one of our signature programmes such as The Resilient Performer programme outlined below:

In this 2-day masterclass, we draw on some of the parallels and key lessons learned from the science of performance and insights from elite sport to teach you some highly effective and practical techniques to reduce the impact of stress, to think more clearly, improve decision making and performance under pressure and at the same time build your capacity by managing your energy.


You will learn how to:

  • Stay calm, focused and keep your confidence high in challenging situations
  • Come back strong and regain self-belief when things are going badly
  • Be less reactive, think more clearly and make logical good decisions under pressure.
  • Develop flexible thinking skills and how to manage your perspective in the face of adversity
  • Prevent stress before it happens by understanding the physiology of stress and retraining your stress response.
  • Enhance energy and vitality by building recovery and balance into your life
  • Improve your concentration, alertness and energy levels and reduce the propensity to make mistakes by understanding the role that nutrition, fitness and recovery play in managing energy

This masterclass is interactive and fun and will include a demonstration with award winning bio-feedback technology that professional athletes are using to manage their state and perform under pressure. It’s a high impact session brought to life with inspiring insights from elite athletes, combined with compelling research and neuroscience. We provide delegates with simple practical tools that when used regularly are proven to build resiliency.


Who in the corporate arena doesn’t need to be resilient, when uncertainty, change and high levels of pressure have become the norm?! Resilience is a learned skill and mindset and this masterclass will be invaluable for staff working at any level of an organisation who need to build their resilience and increase their capacity to sustain high performance in the face of challenge.

Do you want to strengthen your resilience and develop your leadership skills?
Stay ahead of the game with the Resilient Leader’s Toolkit.

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